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Repeat after me - "I will not be a digital dinosaur"

When I was 16 years old (1991) the first web page was developed by CERN. At university most of my papers were written by hand & researched entirely from books. The year I graduated (1996) there were 350,000 live web pages. Google launched 2 years later at the beginning of my career. Today (June 2013) there are 4.3 billion pages & 7 billion Internet users & whilst technology is changing rapidly I need to understand the implications (& potential) of this global network. Dinosaurs disappeared because they could not adapt to their changing environment. Join in my journey to ensure we are not dinosaurs to our children but leaders, innovators and enthusiastic advocates of progress.

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust (3 things every family needs)


Faith, Dust & Pixie Dust

“All the world is made up of faith, trust & pixie dust ” said J.M.Barrie.

Oh how I adored Peter Pan.  What could be better than to be able to fly?  Well to fly away to a land, full of adventures, where you had your own crew of faithfuls beside you on the journey. As a die-hard tomboy, living half my childhood in my own imaginary world, my games were firmly based around Peter Pan, Oliver Twist & The Magic Faraway Tree.   You can imagine then when my eldest son created the land of Abra, his own make believe world in our front garden, I was bursting with pride. Read more

Finding Headspace in Westeros

Did you miss me? You may not have noticed me gone but somewhere in November my words stopped flowing onto the pages and my writing ground to a halt. I think I’m finding my voice again, ideas are pouring onto the paper and I’m locating some focus in a world so full of distraction that I find it hard to finish a thought.

I have to admit that I discovered the world of Westeros in The Game of Thrones book series.

Finding headspace in Westeros

I rarely watch television but I do enjoy the occasional box set and I had already watched every episode produced by the time I started reading the books. What began as a love of the programme became an obsession with the written story from which I am still recovering.

The Game of Thrones was my escape from being a mum. Read more

My Four Year Old

Square Peg

Another year passes and my big boy has reached the wonderful age of four.  A fountain of assumed knowledge, a relentless barrage of why? and what if? and a small boy seeking to control a big world.

Over this past year you have not only grown taller but cheekier with a great sense of humour & a belly full of laughter. Your father taught you to tease and you get more practiced at it every day.  You change the words of familiar songs, tell some pretty amusing knock knock jokes, pull an endless display of funny faces and switch an angelic kiss to a sloppy face lick in the blink of an eye. READ MORE HERE

Pirate Party

Beware Shark

The Pirate Party began with a vague plan to theme my 4 year old son’s Birthday Party and concluded, with the help of my sister, as a full blown, over ambitious event.  It was at best a celebration of both Zac (4) and my nephew Eliot’s (3)  birthdays and at worst Heather and I indulging in a project that involved soaking up sunshine, alcoholic beverages and an explosion of creativity.

It all began when I found an old board in the garage and decided we needed a comedy Pirate picture with a cut out face to get started.  With some vague planning, Peg Leg Pete was born.   Read more

My name’s Kerri and I’m a Chocoholic

Chocoholic Chocolate quote

I have never considered myself to have an addictive personality. I have had my fair share of hedonistic, intoxicated years and managed to emerge from them as a responsible mother to two boys with no major character flaws. I’d say I am relatively healthy; exercising a couple of times a week and mostly eating freshly cooked foods and I wouldn’t say I ever binge on anything – even chocolate.  The problem is I can’t stop buying and eating chocolate (even if my slow and steady rate of chocolate eating has been known to irritate my husband).
It’s another day in paradise and I am doing my weekly shop with my 10 month old son who is going through challenging times, READ MORE HERE

Top 5 most confusing Australian questions?

Do you have a stain on your Pants?


Well that’s embarrassing! How the hell do you know that? Oh, you mean my trousers. Ah yes, I have children, the food stain splattered up my leg is part of my daily makeup these days.
Pants is a word I may never be able to cope with without humour.  Pants where I come from means crap (i.e “this blog is Pants”). Pants also means underwear, usually boys underwear, often old mens baggy underwear!  READ MORE HERE

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